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Roll with Ron, famed guitar painting artist from Newburgh, NY

RonzWorld Guitars takes art to the next level with intricate custom painted guitars. Based in Newburgh, NY, RonzWorld creates custom painted guitars for festivals, artists and collectors all over the world. Whether you're a music fan looking for a signed piece or a collector who wants a unique guitar for your display, RonzWorld Guitars will create the custom piece for you.

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Get custom art painted on a guitar or host your next event at our gallery.

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What can you find at RonzWorld gallery?

If you want something special for your art collection, consider visiting us in person. We sell a variety of unique art pieces and merchandise, including:

  • Custom Painted Guitars
  • Artist Memorabilia
  • Rock 'n Roll Merchandise

Ron also does commission work for musicians and collectors. If you're in search of a guitar no one else can rival, we can create something especially for you.

Visit our gallery in Newburgh, NY to see some of Ron's artwork in person.

Working for our customers

Custom guitars are unique pieces of art that everyone loves. When working with RonzWorld, you can expect:

  • Unique designs- our custom painted guitars are one of a kind
  • Attentive service- we'll complete your guitar painting in a timely manner
  • One on one consultation - speak with Ron personally about your custom design. Ron paints every guitar!

Whether you're looking to purchase one of our existing themed pieces, commission a custom piece for the stage or looking for a signed guitar, RonzWorld Guitars has a guitar for you. To discuss your new custom guitar painting, email us at